Bamboo Ply

Are you looking for a ply?, then it is the time to switch to a more eco-friendly option - Bamboo mat board. The boards are made using alternate layers of bamboo sliver mats in the longitudinal direction and transverse direction while the top and bottom layers are weaved bamboo mat. 

Bamboo mat board is better than common wood board for its good strength, longer durability and better dimensional stability. The board has perfect waterproof function for its shrinking rate and expanding rate. It is humidity resistant and smooth in texture.  

Advantages of Bamboo Mat Board over Wood Ply board

  • Bamboo is found to be most suitable to replace timber as it grow more rapidly than trees and start to yield within three or four years of planting.
  • Bamboo can be harvested annually and non-destructively.
  • Forest land conservation-In India alone, 8000 hectares of natural forest could be saved each year if just one-quarter of the country’s annual plywood production (8,00,000 sq.metres) was replaced by bamboo mat/ply board.
  • Bamboo mat board can revive traditional mat weaving in tribal areas and raise women’s incomes, as this industry will ultimately generate an estimated 660 Lakhs workdays for mat weavers all over India.

Bamboopecker uses bamboo ply extensively in projects, check them out here.

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