Bamboo Poles

One of the biggest hurldles of sourcing of Bamboo in India are the Indian forest laws that do not allow cutting of most bamboo species without a valid permit. This applies to Bamboo grown on privately owned lands as well. Bamboopecker over the years has built many partnerships with Indian forestry, farmers, villages and tribal communities across India to legally source harvested Bamboo poles of species that are native to India and also species that successfully grow in Indian climatic conditions. 

Our 21 feet long treatment tank and circulation boiler system implements soak diffusion method using naturally occuring salt solution - boron solutions. It has a toxicity just 1.5 times that of table salt.

Read more on the preservation process here. 

We supply the following treated bamboo varietes,

Dendrocalamus Giganteus - Construction, scaffolding, boat masts, rural housing, water pipes, vases, buckets, water pitchers, matting, boards and parquet, furniture, water pots.

Dendrocalamus Stocksii (a.k.a Solid Bamboo)Furniture, ladders, supports, bamboo screens.

Bambusa Bambos (a.k.a Thorny Bamboo) - House construction, scaffolding, rafters, roofing, handicrafts, basketry, bows and arrows, furniture, rafting, cooking utensils and fencing.

Bambusa Balcooa - Building material for houses, bridges, fishing floats, scaffolding, baskets, woven mats and for agricultural and fishing implements.

Dendrocalamus BrandisiiConstruction, boat masts, furniture, farm implements, water pots, basketry, handicrafts, paper making.

Dendrocalamus Strictus - Light construction, furniture, musical instruments, bamboo board, mats, sticks, agricultural implements, rafts, baskets, woven wares and household utensils.