At the inception of Bamboopecker, we were a design and customise “your furniture” company. Even though we have recently entered the retail segment, our heart and soul is in bringing individuality to the products that we sell, so we encourage our customers to customise the products to their needs and functionality desired. Over the years we have realised that the customer is the best designer, so we also encourage our customers to design their furniture as well.

We have the ability to pick up a design from even a stamp size picture, so don’t hesitate to come to us with a concept that you might have seen on the internet, news paper, magazines or any other media. The concept you choose need not be bamboo based, it can be of any material, you will be surprised how a particular concept can be replicated with bamboo, cane and other eco-friendly materials.

Many opportunities to customise are available from simple customisations with size and colour to more elaborate ones with material, patterns and design.
There is another incentive to design/customise, we will name the furniture or accessory as per your choice when we introduce it in the retail segment. 

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