Green Initiatives

There is a continous loss of green cover in Bangalore and surrounding areas. Our factory is 2400 sqft in total and within that there are almost 25 trees, and if you see on google maps, not even a single plot of land has more trees than ours in 3-4 km radius.

We at Bamboopecker are hatching out a plan to change that and bring back the green cover with Bamboo. If you are thinking why Bamboo and not trees, then you might not be knowing one great fact about Bamboo - A single Bamboo clum can generate 800 grams of Oxygen in a day by consuming CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), which is equivalent to almost one person's daily oxygen consumption. More oxygen in the air, less the CO2 in the air, which means reduction in localized greenhouse effect that happens in most of the city. Localized greenhouse effect increases the temperature within the city and surrounding areas, whose effects are more noticable in summer season. Want to know more about bamboo, and how this grass will help us save the planet in a big way? Click here..

We have decided to tackle this problem in a multi-pronged manner,

  • Identify govermment (both central and state) and army owned properties that have real estate to plant bamboo.
  • Parks and play ground boundaries.
  • Free bamboo saplings for gardening enthusiasts and more importantly for people who have a front or a backyard. 
  • Partnering with urban/social forestry wing of Indian Forest Department to source free bamboo and tree saplings from their depot.  
  • Plant bamboo on individual owned properties/plots that have not been developed. 
  • Crowd funding to maintain bamboo plantation/urban forests.

For all these ideas to materailize we need your support.
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