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Bamboopecker for many years has been working with bamboo and cane artisans and also artisans who predominantly use eco-friendly materials. Very few have explored the indigenous and traditional artistry in the context of urban lifestyles and Bamboopecker is in the forefront of it. 

Bamboo as a plant has numerous uses and positive effects on our planet, so many that no other plant or tree species on this planet can compete with it, even coconut trees for that matter.

Learn more about bamboo here. 

The industrial age, has made us believe that plastic, concrete, metal, and other new age inventions are the way forward, but slowly we are realising the long lasting damages these materials have on our planet Earth. As much as we wish that we were never pampered with these non-ecofriendly materials, there is still time to make corrective measures. Bamboopecker, since 2009, has been exploring with bamboo, cane, mud, coconut, grass species and other natural materials (excluding timber) in many areas - construction, storage, home decor and accessories, furniture, transportation, urban greenery, forestry, toys, jewellery, home and office interiors, fuel, food, dining and cooking, music, stationery, etc. Learn more about our products here.

Bamboo based social enterprise journey has been painful, but sweet, for many reasons. First and foremost, it required understanding age old traditions and resurrecting it from its slow death. Secondly, convincing the artisans that still a livelihood with traditional artistry is possible has been the hardest. This has been possible by reinterpreting tradition and giving it a contemporary twist. We at Bamboopecker, holds the highest priority towards providing livelihood to these artisans. 
Thirdly, dealing with Indian archaic laws around bamboo and cane has been tough, since the government believes that it is protecting the rural and tribal communities by doing so, but the fact of the matter is that these communities are moving on to other lucrative opportunities mostly in construction and transportation space. Therefore, we constantly work with the local, state and central government agencies, helping them understand the ground realities and guiding them to take effective steps in helping these communities prosper without displacing them. 
Last, but not the least, convincing people to make a move towards sustainable living. We have been able to make some in roads by allowing customers not just customise products to their needs, but also encourage our customers to design their own.

Research and development in effective usage of eco-friendly materials is another space Bamboopecker is actively involved in. Effective treatment and preservation methods, eco-friendly paints and polish, and bamboo joineries in construction and furniture are some of the examples. 

Bamboopecker also trains and works with interns of well-known design institutes, mainly because when these fresh brains work with artisans, they not just learn the traditional artistry but also improve it and push its boundaries.

Most Crafts in India continue to remain fragmented and have little focus on building a strong brand or consistent imaging. We at Bamboopecker believe that a strong communication and product design in the crafts sector hence assumes an even more significant role. It enables these traditional-crafted products to be showcased on par with the contemporary-created products of today in lifestyle stores and not be limited to the craft-fairs alone. Learn more about our craft here.

Creating awareness through green initiatives is paramount to the vision of Bamboopecker. Learn more about our Green Initiatives here. 
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