Corporate Gifting

The artisans from rural and tribal communities that have ready access to bamboo, jute, cane, and other eco-firendly fibrous material can craft beautiful home and office utility items. The team at Bamboopecker have reinvented this craft with contemprorary designs of home and lifestyle products. These contemporary designs is our attempt to reorient our crafts to the modern context by ensuring that each design has a practical value and thereby relevant today. We strive to enhance pride amongst these master artisans for their skill and ensure that these crafts continue to thrive.   

Wedding gifts and corporate gifting space is a very important part of this journey, a journey to revive and promote the social and economic wellbeing of the weavers and crafts persons of the society. As the orders tend to be in bulk, the eco-friendly crafts get more visibility and also helps save the planet from deterioration due to the unabated proliferation of metal, wood, plastics and other harmful non-biodegradable materials.

We do personalized etching as well!!! 

Contact us to understand your requirements and we will suggest a suitable eco-friendly product that will be unique and functional. Also, keep in mind the Bamboopecker team loves customizing from the scratch as well!!! We source or manufacture at our factory based on the requirements and timelines.